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You have questions about the next mass extinction? Do octopuses have tentacles? Find out below with these great facts.

1. Vitamin D is actually a hormone. It is the only vitamin that the body produces itself. Vit D regulates the immune system which is why it is important to include in your diet never mind that you can get it for free from the sun.

2. Socrates was one of the greatest philosophers in history. Although this went against his teachings, he was a soldier and he rescued the Athenian General Alcibiades at one of the battles during his time. His very teachings were the reason for his execution. He lived by his word and died by his word.

3. In 1966, when England hosted the FIFA World Cup for the first time in history, the trophy was stolen just before the finals. After a deep investigation, a dog named Pickles found it and the person that stole it was never found.

4. Octopuses actually don’t have any tentacles. They are called arms. Tentacles only have suckers on their ends, whereas an octopus has suckers throughout most of its limb length. Now you know!

5. Scientists proposed a theory suggesting that the 6th mass extinction is currently underway. Human activities have driven the rate at which plant and animal species die out to 100x the natural rate. What can you do to make a difference about this?

6. In 1984, the ‘Videotex’ system, paved the way for what we know as online shopping. Invented by Michael Aldrich, one could order groceries with a TV remote control. With the internet and smart TVs nowadays, this process has been streamlined.

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