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Another week to learn something new. Enjoy these facts put together by the team.

1.Some diseases are inherited genetically and in the near future, these illnesses may be cured by gene therapy. This is a process that involves replacing the “diseased” genes with good DNA. If there a other global pandemics coming, there will be hope for us all.

2. Confucius (551BC – 479BC) is known as “Master Kong” in China. He married at the age of 19 and was relatively unsuccessful during his time. His philosophy became popular around 200 BC and is considered a religion to some. What do you think?

3. “Has ‘run’ run amok?” According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘run’ has 645 different meanings so far. Yes – 645! This will be published in the next edition which is expected in 2037. Until then, here is a challenge: see how many different contexts in which you can use ‘run’.

4. Despite the terrifying stories of unexplainable disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, according to an exhaustive study conducted by the World Wildlife Fund, this area is not one of the world’s 10 most dangerous seas for shipping. Would you brave a flight or sail across the Bermuda Triangle?

5. On this day in 1944, the largest seaborne invasion ever took place in Normandy, France. 156 000 soldiers and 195 700 naval force members from several countries came together to fight against Nazi Germany. Where was Hitler when all of this was happening? Sleeping. No one dared to wake him up.

6. Apple pie did not originate from America as the old saying suggests. The apples did not come from there either! In fact, apples are native to Asia and the first recorded apple pie recipe was in 1381 in England. So as American as apple pie? I think not.

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