Every day is a new opportunity to learn interesting stuff about the world we live in. How one of the youngest languages in the world came about and the start of the TV gaming era. Enjoy these facts that our amazing team put together and learn something new.

  1. Oxygen can be used to heal wounds.
    Oxygen Therapy is an option in the field of medicine. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and can aid the healing of skin, ears, flesh and bone wounds and is known to speed up recovery post surgery. Oxygen can also be received through an Intravenous oxygen drip directly into your bloodstream.
  2. Conforming to society.
    Psychologist Solomon Asch (1907-1996,14 Sep) is famous for his contribution to Sociology. Asch did experiments on the influence of popular opinion (Conformity) by tricking participants into doubting themselves and choosing the wrong answers in a moment of uncertainty just because everyone else did it.
  3. What do you get when you bring Dutch to South Africa?
    Afrikaans is one of the youngest/most recently developed languages in the world and is spoken by Afrikaners/ Boere (Dutch travellers or Voortrekkers) in South Africa. Afrikaans is a derivative of Dutch and Dutch is a derivative of Germanic. Afrikaners call it the new and improved version of Dutch.
  4. Animal Groups.
    The scientific study of animals and their influence on the ecosystem as a whole is called Zoology. Zoology divides animals into five groups based on their characteristics. The five types of animals are Mammals, Amphibians, Fish, Birds and Invertebrates.
  5. Brainwash tools.
    Iconoclasm is a term that refers to a type of propaganda where the government removes Icons/images to brainwash its citizens. Religious Iconoclasm is the removal of all things Christian for example, while Political iconoclasm is the censorship of images that can make the ruling party lose power.
  6. The beginning of the gaming era.
    The PlayStation made its first debut in December 1994 in Japan. Initially, it was created through a partnership between Sony and Nintendo which was the major console giant then. Over time, Nintendo partnered with Philips and Sony eventually claimed that spot.

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