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This week the team has created some rather informative and interesting facts. Enjoy these facts and learn something new about the events occurring in our world.

  1. DNA To Catch The Bad Guys

DNA Evidence (or Family Tree DNA) is currently considered the most powerful tool that Murder Investigation has to offer. New techniques recently convicted a man of a murder he committed 20 years ago. Storing evidence correctly for future technology can help catch the bad guys that got away.

  1. Half Monkey, Half Human?

China has allegedly invented human-monkey-hybrids for the harvesting of their organs for transplants. This will stop people from having to donate life saving vital organs to each other. That is if you can afford to buy a human-monkey.

  1. Wash Your Vegetables And Fruits

Dozens of children in India lost their lives after eating plants with pesticides still on them. Pesticides are used to keep insects from eating the plants, but can be very harmful to humans. Wash your vegetables and fruits before you eat them!

  1. What Is Fungus?

The plural of fungus is fungi. Fungi are any group of spore producing organisms feeding on organic matter, including molds, yeast and mushrooms.

  1. Linguistics

If you are studying or practising Linguistics then you are a Linguist. If you are ‘bilingual’, you speak more than one language. Online Translators are a great way for translation. Just type “translate [your language] to English” into your search bar. The online software may even pronounce it for you.

  1. A Rich History Of Education

Cherry Hill is one of the oldest tuition centres in the world. It has been educating pupils for decades, achieving incredible results in the process. If you are a doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant, banker, etc. it is likely someone that works with you has also been through the Cherry Hill system.

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